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Social Cooperative “With roe – with vitality” in Rybnik

Bistro z Ikrą


In the social cooperative “With roe – with vitality” prepares more than 100 healthy, innovative and delicious meals for the people in Rybnik, including senior citizens and kids from low-income families. The cooperative mainly employs people with intellectual disabilities, providing them a chance on the labour market. The cooperative was founded by the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and City of Rybnik.

Tender with sustainability criteria for the State Office canteen

State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia


In 2018, representatives of the Environmental State Office of North Rhine-Westphalia created a new tender for the canteens for their employees in a participative process. The result is a tender that includes a suitable list of sustainability criteria. For two canteens of the agency, the tender was the basis for procuring new catering services.