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This platform offers open knowledge resources on sustainable public procurement and catering services.
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Public procurement and catering services influence trends at all levels of food supply chain. By providing daily meals for a large share of the population, they also influence health and wellbeing. Learn more about why this is important and what are underlying regulations and strategies.

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Best practices provide inspirations for everyone interested in innovative and sustainable public canteens. Find out more about approaches to reduce food waste, increase organic produce and changing the tenders for catering services. As a member of the network, share your own experiences.

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Do you want to be part of the StratKIT network? Find out about caterers, procurers, public administrations, SMEs, NGOs, research and consulting institutions in your region and get in touch with them. Become a member of the network and share your experiences.

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Visit the online Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit and browse through more than 50 tools compiled during the StratKIT project. The tools provide support for more sustainable public meals and include step-by-step descriptions for easy implementation. By clicking you will be leaving this website.

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StratKIT Project

Project idea

The project aim is to make the procurement and service of public catering more sustainable in the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore, it

  1. identifies solutions to the challenges of sustainable public procurement and catering services across BSR;
  2. develops and tests regional strategies;
  3. inspires and motivates procurers and caterers to use their opportunities.
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Project funding and partners

In the project on Innovative Strategies for Public Catering:
Sustainability Toolkit across Baltic Sea Region (StratKIT) 13 project partners and 10 associated partners from administrations, catering services, research and consulting work on these aims.
It was funded until end of 2021 through the INTERREG-BSR program of the EU with additional funding by the Russian Federation.

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Project approach

The project starts with mapping the current situation in the Baltic Sea Region.
In national and international workshops and round tables, strategies are developed and networks are built.
The project activities feed into the development of a Baltic Sea region sustainability toolkit.
The results are shared online to enable stakeholders to make a change towards sustainability.

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Outputs and materials

StratKIT main outputs are the dynamic sustainability model, the online knowledge platform,
a network of stakeholders at national and BSR level; a best practices living repository,
and direct access to the interactive Sustainability Toolkit.

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Follow-up Project StratKit+

A follow-up project StratKIT+ with 14 project partners and 11 associated partners is funded for 18 month through the INTERREG-BSR program of the EU. It started in October 2022.

The project approach is to expand the toolkit with new tools and aspects, such as crisis management, and to include more countries of the Baltic Sea Region.

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